Hello losers,

Day 12. What a Tuesday! Blergh. My brain is smoosh.

Scale break this month: On it.

Maintenance calories: On it.

Exercise 5 days a week (strength work/tbar swings 3 days a week): 30 minute stationary bike. Training at work so no time for my lunch walk. 9/12 days.

Camp Nanowrimo – 1,666 words a day: Didn’t make time for this today but I’m not out of the game yet! 5,014/14,994 words. If I don’t hit goal, I'm donating $100 to Nanowrimo.

Today's gratitude list: Today I’m grateful for stable employment & receiving some training at work. Hopefully makes me a more intelligent, well-rounded employee.

Random to do list item I want to conquer today: Figure out some budget numbers for my personal finances & try to relax a bit. My anxiety has been up lately, need more exercise! Feeling cooped up.

Your turn! Let’s hear all about it!

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