Air Fryer Turkey Breast

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without turkey! Luckily, this one made in an air fryer is a lean, good source of protein.

YIELDS:4 – 5 serving(s)
PREP TIME:10 mins
TOTAL TIME:1 hr 30 mins


  • 1

    7 lb. bone-in turkey breast, thawed

  • 3 tbsp.

    salted butter, softened

  • 1clove garlic
  • 1 tbsp.chopped herbs, like sage, rosemary, and/or thyme
  • 2 tsp.olive oil
  • 1 salt
  • 1 tsp.ground black pepper
  • Turkey gravy, for serving
    1. Remove the turkey breast from the packaging and pat dry with a paper towel. Cut out the backbone of the turkey with sharp kitchen scissors. Trim the breastbones, so that the turkey can sit breast side up in the basket of an air fryer, and the drawer will slide closed completely. Let rest at room temperature for 30 minutes.
    2. Meanwhile, place the butter in a small bowl and mash with a fork. Add the garlic and herbs and mash together. Starting at the top of each breast, near the wishbone, work your fingers between the flesh and the skin to create a pocket. Divide the butter evenly between the two sides and rub all over the breast. Press the skin back down into place.
    3. Drizzle the breasts all over with the olive oil, then season with the salt and pepper. Place skin side up in the air fryer basket. Cook for 30 minutes until the skin is golden and crispy. Remove from the air fryer and turn the breast over so that it is skin side down. Cook for another 30 to 40 minutes, until the internal temperature reads at least 160°F.
    4. Remove to a cutting board. Tent with foil for 5 minutes. Carve the breasts from the bones. Slice into pieces and serve with turkey gravy, if you like.

This also works with two, bone-in turkey breast halves. Overlap them slightly in the air fryer basket and cook for about 10 minutes less.

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