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guys I did it

I actually really like going to the gym now. This sounds so crazy but I have always been such a lazy person. My life since birth has been sedentary. I was never athletic. My idea of fun was never excersizing. I never thought I’d be caught dead in a gym. That was how much i hated this sort of thing. I remember in P.E back in hs was the worst moments of my life. Physical activity was just not my thing. Two months I became almost neighbors with my gym loving friend. She kept convincing me to come with her and as I finally gotten to a point where I knew I needed to do something about my weight I decided I would finally try it.

Honestly hated every minute of it like I expected but still kept forcing myself to go. I felt so insecure and fat and bad at everything. Her gym routines were all different variations of weight lifting so that is what I did. Now today, 2 months later I just realized this part of my day is actually enjoyable for me. I am starting to look forward to going at times. The gym sessions don’t feel as long anymore and I feel weird when I don’t go. It’s crazy to think as someone who always swore off gyms grew to really enjoy strength training. I am seeing little changes in my body that i am starting to like thanks to the weights. I have goals for myself now. Cardio however, I don’t think I can ever get with that. Also not saying the gym is essential for weight loss but for anyone thinking that’s the last place they wanna be, it was for me too but it gets a lot better.

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