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I don’t feel better.

Hello everyone! Today I’ll be using a throwaway because my boyfriend is my weightloss buddy and he’ll be gutted if he found out that’s what I feel.

TL;DR: Dude, where’s my non-scale victory?!

Recently I, 27 F, have lost some weight, from 266 to 224, 42 pounds. I remember at the start in order to keep my motivation up I kept reading stories and looking at pics of women with similar weight and height, and feeling incredibly inspired and excited.

I quickly discovered I don’t really relate to people in this community, weight loss isn’t particularly hard for me, I do my workouts and follow my food plans without issues, it’s not pleasant but not horrible either, I have had a few celebratory planned cheat days but other than that haven’t felt particularly challenged, and haven’t slipped and cheated on my diet.

On paper, and to other people, I am doing an impressive job, everyone is blown away by my success, as they tell me. I don’t care about the numbers though, I started doing this in order to feel…better, and I don’t feel better. I feel bitter. Working out has not made me feel stronger, I didn’t have any health conditions to improve upon, I know I was likely to develop them but I hadn’t yet, the only thing that has changed is my self image.

I used to be okay with myself, but this weight loss has changed the only things I was truly confident about – my boobs and my hair. Yesterday I took my first “after” pic because I realized I was wearing the same underwear and my body…looks the same, except ofc my nipples now point to the ground, and my butt is saggier, so the overall effect is my figure has shifted in a manner where my stomach is my most prominent feature, and my arms are already developing some rippling and loose skin, hands down the worst after photo development I was able to find, though to be fair you usually don’t see the full picture in other people’s posts so I can’t know for sure. Not only do I not look better, I look far worse. I can’t help but feel like I have lost my ability to relax and enjoy food without thinking about macros and calories, and in return I got to feel worse about myself, and what’s worse – there’s no turning back, no way to get back to the fragile confidence I had before, AND I feel so vain and stupid for thinking this is so important.

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Chelsea lost 70 pounds

Chelsea lost 70 pounds. She has been on her journey for two years, and we’ve followed her story since 2021. During her journey, she figured out what works for her, how to overcome emotional eating, and how to be consistent.
The post Chelsea lost 70 pou…

Time moves so slowly when losing weight. How do you stop obsessing over weight-loss while losing weight?

Whenever I’ve been in a mode where I don’t care about weight-loss and diets, time flies by SO quickly. I blink and BAAM. All of a sudden it’s been 8 months since my last visit to the gym, and I’ve balloooned up 30 lbs.

But now that I’m trying to re-shape my lifestyle, eat healthy, and lose weight, every week feels like a year.

I know it’s all mental but will I get ever get used to this new healthy life-style? I’ve been at it for 2 months.

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Sweet craving after meals

/26NB 176cm SW132,5kg CW133,4kg GW75kg/

Hi everyone!

I just have a quick question for advice as it keeps coming back.

I always crave for something sweet after meals, especially when anxious or tired. I’ve always tended to go for chocolate, sweets, soda or similar high sugary foods.

Do you have any tips for replacement or to get the craving go away? I’ve tried some fruits like an apple but it’s not sweet enough ?

Thank you!

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Hit my breaking point

A lot has changed since I was 16. For one thing I was 5″5 and 120lbs. Now at 21 I’m 5″7 and 210lbs. I was maintaining my weight at 200lbs from January of this year to 5 weeks ago when I last weighed myself.

I decided that the approach I’d now take to weight loss would be to just cut down on the amount of food I was eating and not weigh myself until the end of the quarter. But that’s not gone to plan.

I felt like I’d gained weight, so this morning I weighed myself and I’ve gained 10lbs in 5 weeks. The opposite of what I want. It could be because I went through an extremely stressful time recently, or it could be because I’m using different scales now. But it’s probably because I’ve been over eating without realising.

Along the way there were certain points in gaining weight that I thought would be the point that would cause me to turn it around. Being overweight for the first time in my life, then being obese for the first time in my life, hitting 200lbs for the first time in my life. But something about 210lbs, 15 stone, has just hit me in a different way.

It’s filled me with rage. At my life circumstances for making it so I’ve not got full control over what I eat (long story, not important, this will change in a couple of weeks). At myself for letting it get to this point. Very clearly I didn’t want it enough. I didn’t try hard enough.

Honestly deep down I had no belief in myself. Every single time I’ve tried to lose weight from being 16 (when I had no business losing weight) to now, I have failed and gained more. The biggest success was the first 6 months of the year when I maintained for the first time in years.

But now I’m more motivated than ever. And honestly thinking logically and less with emotion, all is not lost. I need to lose 35lbs by the end of the year to reach my goal, that’s only 1.66lbs a week. If I lose 2lbs a week I’ll smash it.

I never want to go through this again and I want it to last for as short amount as possible (while not crash dieting). So that motivates me as well.

But yeah tl;dr- hit a weight I never thought I’d see, apparently this was my breaking point to motivate me for real

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