Ive always had to make a serious conscious effort to make sure I eat healthy, especially walking out of the grocery store and realizing I accidentally bought junk food when Im supposed to be eating healthy… or realizing after putting a slice of pizza on my plate.

But today at the cafeteria I just got chicken, broccoli, and a salad. No hot dogs, pizza. And when i went to get a light bowl of cereal (quantity wise it is a lot but I only eat two meals and a fruit everyday!) I went straight to the gluten-free low-sugar cereal as opposed to lucky charms (very popular with my tastebuds). And its not that I just didnt forget, but also that I didnt have to remember!!

I dont have a scale so I cant tell my weight, but I realized I dont care about the number as much as how I feel about my body. And right now, I’m feeling better!

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