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I normally do not do posts like this but Today I felt it was time and to explain a bit of what has gone on with myself & how it’s affected my family.

I’m a single mom, grandma, cat mom, dog mom, mom to a few of the boys’ friends & almost a mother in law.

This past year has been a real trip with my health,  I have had some screwy quacks who called themselves doctors who basically this past week almost killed me.

Last holiday season was 2 surgeries one VERY major that was just days after Thanksgiving, Beyond torchced Christmas believe it or not …

I’m STILL not fully healed from that one. 

This past week I went to see a new doctor who did what she called Urgent surgery & because of the quacks screw-up the 1st surgery did come with some serious complications.

I didn’t know if I was alive, dead or stuck in between. I knew I had to get home & IF I was able to walk out the door of the hospital , stepped foot in my house I was really still here. 

I knew if I could just see my boys, the cats, the dogs & hug them then I was ok.

I talked to my youngest son, I texted to my sister, I texted my niece, I couldn’t tell my brother or my middle son.

My oldest son had no idea wha was going on, how serious things were. 

He is fragile from a bad relationship with my grandson’s mother along with the loss of a friend that day as well.   

I can’t explain what I went through the trauma of all that happened last year at this time was probably part of the cause?

Was it the drugs? Was it my BP danngerously low? Was it the internal bleeding?  Was it the trauma? 

ALL this happened on what would have been my mom’s 83rd birthday. 

All I knew is if I make the night it’s one more surgery in the morning and I am walking out the door, going home & nothing and no one was going to stop me.  

So I’m writing this post for my followers on IG, Threads &  Tiktok it will help explain my next video more and why I am asking ….

Please shop & share my sites for some sales.

It does take a few days to get paid from my sites & my Tiktok shop it can take weeks!

If anyone wants to send donations to my Cash App or PayPal that would be SUPER Awesome & Immediate cash.

I’m not here to beg for money thats is why I’m asking just please grab a tee, hoodie or what ever you might want or need from ANY of my shops.  


My family deserves so much for this holiday season , these kids been through hell …

The ONLY way that can happen is with YOUR help! 

Thank you & ONLY The Very Best For You & Your Family.



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