I was standing there in the cookie aisle staring down a thing of Oreos, imagining how happy I would be sitting on my couch mind empty enjoying the deliciousness of an entire package of Oreos. But, there was something stopping me from putting the cookies into my cart, something nagging me, something annoying. I fought with myself, I must have looked weird just standing in the aisle staring at cookies. I kept going back and forth and back and forth in my head.

Pros: Oreos's yummy, fun to eat, delicious

Cons: feeling bad about myself and my choices, giving in to my impulsive side, guilt, frustration, and pain.

I thought about my friends, my new fit friends, what would they think about me downing Oreos mindlessly? They wouldn't judge me but they'd remind me of what I'm working towards and what this will do to me, for me. Nothing.

I thought about the love I have for the martial arts that I'm learning, and how much stronger and lighter I want to get so that I can be quicker and more flexible when training and competing. (and to qualify in my (goal) weight class)

I thought about how I am now lifting weights and building muscles and having so much fun with it.

I thought about all of the good habits that I built through discipline and a whole bunch of blood sweat, and tears.

I thought about who I am and I don't do that.

I didn't get the Oreos and now I am triumphantly writing this and enjoying chicken breast, a banana, and some lemonade.

Like I planned for because THAT'S who I am. 🙂

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