Basically the title. I'm 5'7 31f, started at around 205 lb and I'm now at 155. I'm finally at a healthy bmi, but my belly fat is not budging. It's like I've lost weight everywhere except my belly (and thighs).

I'm still losing weight and I've been doing caroline girvan videos for months which has given me a lot more strength.

however I feel as if I've barely lost because my belly sticks out so much and it makes me feel as if I'm just as big as when I started, even though I know that's not true since I was a size 16 and I'm now a size 10.

I just really hate my belly so much, I even hate looking at myself when I exercise solely because of it, I mean my face has thinned out, my collarbones are visible, my arms and legs are twigs, so my belly just looks like it doesn't even belong to the same body, it really looks gross ?

anyways just wanted to vent about my stupid belly I guess, I don't really know what to do apart from stay in a calorie deficit and maybe someday my belly will get a bit smaller…

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