Long time listener and first time caller here.

I used to be quite overweight (5'3" female, topped out at 195lb). I remember feeling as if I was insane – I didn't engage in many of the behaviors I was told were making me fat. Everyone I knew, both thin and otherwise, had advice for me. And they all followed the same format: one weird trick to guarantee weight loss. Bing bong, so simple. Just change this one thing!

Except… I didn't do those things in the first place.

"Just don't drink soda or juice!" I actually haven't had a soda since college, which was 25 years ago. I drink sparkling water, black coffee, and plain green tea.

"My cousin lost 40lb just by replacing potato chips with no-butter popcorn!" That's great for her, but I don't eat chips or popcorn.

"Try eating a frozen Crystal Light pop instead of ice cream!" I can't stand cold things (I even drink my water room temp) and don't have a sweet tooth.

"You know, there are calories in everything and processed food is so bad for you. Just skip snacking!" I don't snack. To me, the idea went out with naptime and juiceboxes in kindergarten. I love to cook.

"Fast food is loaded with calories!" I actually don't eat fast food, even while on the road. The salt does awful things to my digestion.

"Fast as long as you can in the morning!" I tried that and binged around 1pm.

What worked for me was realizing that I was eating healthy, nutritious meals… but too much of them for my body. I love to cook and I love to eat. There wasn't really "one weird trick" to my weight loss – I had to count calories, control portions, and start running. Even the doctors I went to didn't believe me: "You must be sneaking calories." My body wants fewer calories in than others. I can be, and was, upset by this for years – it isn't fair! But the fact that it isn't fair doesn't mean anything to my body. I need to eat less than the "1200" magic number.

I still have a way to go, but I'm getting there again. I'm now at 130lb, with a target goal of 110. And I still don't like ice cream, thanks.

What are some pieces of advice – just one simple thing you could totally change – that annoyed you? I do not mean sound advice like counting calories, but the "oh this is so simple, just cut out X or add Y or do Z" that came with a side-helping of "my cousin did just this one thing and lost 20lb in a week!"

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