So weight loss is eat less calories and move your body more. That’s it. It’s easy. But mentally it’s so fucking hard. It’s so hard not to just slip up , it’s hard to not stress eat. I’m struggling here , with a sugar addiction and sometimes food is the only thing that makes you feel good. Like maybe it sounds pathetic but it’s true , it literally just makes me feel good .

Literally yesterday I had Taco Bell. It was great . But of course after, I just feel like crap the whole day because I feel like a failure . I want more than anything to eat nothing but cake and ice cream and just be thin but it doesn’t work that way. And sometimes it gets to the point where I literally ask myself how the fuck people can be thin? Like how? It’s almost like seeing a unicorn like it can’t exist .

Also how long losing weight takes is also demotivating , like I don’t wanna lose a pound or 2 a week. I’d like immediately results but once again it doesn’t work that way. It’s so stressful and I think about even if I reach my goal weight my life will still revolve around worrying about food and making sure I don’t gain weight and I will never enjoy my fav foods again. And i read a fucked go article that once you become fat your body will always fight to stay fat. Like once I read that I just thought “no fucking wonder”

And to the notion of “you can treat yourself or have just a bite” literally I can’t. If I have a bite that turns into eating the whole damn plate of cookies . If I treat myself that turns into a week long binge so it’s better not even try

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