First I haaaaate cardio. Anyone else ?‍♂️? I’ve always been an athlete, I can run while playing sports, but to “go for a run” or spend tons of time running on the treadmill is a no for me. I was working out with weights like crazy not seeing much difference after months. I saw a great routine that I can do. I now walk yes just walk on the treadmill, but here’s the kicker. I walk on an incline moving it up until I’m up to a 15 incline at 3-4mph. This keeps your heart rate up and burns belly fat. I do this to start my work out for 25 mins then do my usual weight routine. I’ve lost 50lbs in the last 8 months. (Posted in progresspics)I’m 38 and feel like I’m 25 again. Try it out, let me know if it helps!!!

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