I have gone back into calorie counting having recovered from an eating disorder. I am 19f5 foot 4 and 83kg yet they expect me to eat plates heaped with rice and curry and a similar calorie dish for dinner. Instead, I choose to eat fruits, sandwiches and food which you can put into the oven yet easily calorie count such as fried chicken strips which annoys them. They tell me I am ruining my body and point out how obviously fat I look in outfits.

I just wished they understood that I just want to eat foods I like the taste of on a low calorie budget and not food that they blackmail me to eat by saying that I am only a good person if I eat them and otherwise I will only get fatter. This is frustrating because when younger they thought letting me do sports was useless and blame me instead for not being good at them when 3 years old. I also wish they understood that plates of rice every day is not good for you.

Sorry, just a rant.

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