A question came up on r/AskRedit (What saying is utter bullshit?) and this was my reply.

This saying makes me so mad because it has helped me justify my lifestyle (binge drinking with friends every weekend, eating whatever, not exercising). I am a 29yo M, 365lbs and got denied life insurance last week because of my blood work and weight. Year after year I let this stupid saying help me justify that I wasn’t making bad decisions but they were inevitable. I would try THIS diet and THAT workout but I could never get past the mindset.

It’s almost been a full week since the life insurance news and I am on the up and up. Determined like I haven’t been before. Regular gym routine, calorie counting but eating healthy and filling foods, spending as much time with my 1yo son even though my schedule is exhausting. Tired of hearing that “you can’t fix the problem when it comes to your weight”. Bullshit.

P.S. I know other diseases can affect your weight negatively and I’m not talking about that. Depression has affected me constantly throughout my weight gain too. But I literally said (to myself, and I’m only speaking to myself) fuck my feelings. I’m taking control of this life.

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