Hey there, just wanted to give everyone a word of reminder from my recent experience. We're all on a journey and there's no set date we have to arrive at our goal. If you want to have a strict, no nonsense approach, go right ahead. But remember that giving yourself room to enjoy a vacation or a night out now and then without strict control doesn't ruin your progress.

Just for a reference, I recently went on a week trip to visit friends in another part of the country. I'm used to eating around 1500cal at most each day and so far have lost 100lbs but I wasn't super strict with my food intake during my trip. Weighed myself right before I came home and damn, looks like I had put on 15lbs. After a few days back home in my normal routine, 10lbs of that gain have disappeared and I'm back in the swing of things. In my mind, there's no point in all of the hard work if you can't allow yourself room to be flexible and enjoy a trip without counting every little thing. Just keep your good habits once the trip/night out is over and life goes on with little to no negative impact. And I can say that all of those meals with friends were absolutely worth it.

Hope this helps someone. Remember that you're in control and shouldn't hesitate to let loose now and then, just retain those healthy habits. That's what life will be like once you've reached your goals and are maintaining, it's good to mentally be okay with it. Good luck in your journey!

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