Disclaimer: I’m in no way a nutritionist, just a commoner who wants to discuss and share. These are just my experiences and opinions.

Some things I’ve realized that can make weight loss easier. Just my findings:

  1. Using quality ingredients is important— This can mean shopping from farmer’s markets or organic. Garbage in; Garbage out. When you eat (preferably cook) meals made from fresh ingredients, I reach satisfaction much earlier than if I’m eating something mass produced. With low quality food, my body seems to eat much more just to feel satisfied, but that doesn’t happen with home-cooked meals or meals at good restaurants.

  2. Variety of tastes— Eating a meal with variety results in satiety more quickly; best to eat in a round-robin way through the different items on your plate, you’ll feel satisfied quicker.

  3. In general, try to get interested in cooking— Obesity is a more recent lifestyle disease that came about when we started putting in more hours at work and relying on packaged/mass produced food, rather than the traditional food experience. In my experience, getting interested in trying out making new foods and planning what to eat makes you more mindful and appreciative of each bite of the food you eat, causing you to feel full quicker. You also feel much better in your body after the meal than you would after eating packaged or Doordash-ed food.

These are mostly ideas found in mindful/ intuitive eating, but I believe they work because they seek to remove the anxiety from just… eating! All the cuisines in the world were made to make eating a joyous experience, so why should we live our lives considering it a source of pain?

I’m not preaching anti-diets or abandoning calorie counting, the latter of which can be done even when you’re making your own food… and can be done more accurately in fact!

I’m just trying to say that maybe the way to get over abusing food is by actually falling in love with it and not settling for less.

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