I hope this is okay to post…. I really wanted to update you all since my last post. I'm not sure I should link since it was uh shut down, but you can find it in my post history. First, the outpouring of support, encouragement, kindness absolutely floored me ! I received SO, SO many DMs, and I read every one. Some made me teary, some made me laugh. There were so many I couldn't even respond to them all, but I have to give a heart felt THANK YOU to everyone who reached out ❤️

Relevant to the sub: I was very upset when I posted. Some responses confused and even hurt me. But I took most everyone's advice to heart. With my head held high, I walked back into that gym last night and made eye contact with every single person who came within 6 feet. I gave them my best, warmest smile. Maybe they thought I was weird but most returned my smile ! A kind older gentleman even talked briefly with me just generic things, but he made me feel so comfortable and… Accepted ! I hopped on the treadmill and managed my best -25 minutes, and I was WORE out. After I was done I couldn't stop smiling. It was the best feeling I've had in a really, really long time.

Treadmill lady wasn't there, which maybe was good, but also sort of disappointing ! I was ready to look her right dead in the eye too. And step on the machine right next to hers, sans deodorant…hehehe. Awesone u/missbelcherifurnasty had set me with a good comeback but I didn't get to use it ! Yet. Honestly I felt armored – simply from the KINDNESS I received here ! – NOTHING she or anyone said or did could have broken me. I think I would have laughed right at her.

I feel incredible ! I had to share with everyone here, and circle the support back. Some of the DMs I got were from people who expressed their own hesitations about going to the gym for the very reasons I experienced. Guys we are worth it. Every one of us. After a good workout – or even just a few minutes on the treadmill ! – it becomes clear. No one else gets to determine what you do, where you go, or most of all how you feel about YOU ❤️ ?

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