Since starting my serious effort in weight loss(Down to 287 now!) I've been trying to walk more to stay active. I'd walk 20 minutes to the grocery store, get off of the bus earlier than I needed to in order to get more walking in, and just various similar activities. I'd also sprinkle in walking home from work (5.5 miles) or a loop around my neighborhood (5 miles) 2-3 times per week. I was feeling extra motivated last week and did those longer 5 mile walks 3 days in a row. After those 3 days it seemed like a shame to stop so I kept on going. This is on top of those other shorter walks that I do too I even did the loop around my neighborhood twice on Saturday which put me at over 10 miles for the day. Today was the 7th day.

It might not seem like a lot to some but it's an accomplishment to me. A couple months ago it was a lot harder for me to do those 5 mile walks and I'd often feel it the next day but it's a lot easier now. It used to feel like my leg strength held me back but now it feels like only my weight is holding me back, if that makes sense.

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