Sometimes I see comments here from people who claim to not like fruit & veg. Let me tell you, that can only mean you haven't even tried most of it.

Fruit & veg varies so much in flavour, texture, ways to prepare it. So here's a simple guide:

Veggies ? – so many recipes can be made with veg added it in a subtle way (pies, pasta, curry, most things) – canned & frozen is absolutely fine from a nutritional standpoint but fresh will always beat it on flavour and texture – roast your veggies with spices and olive oil, or put them in the air fryer, or boil them and add some butter or even cheese – raw veggies are great with dips or as addition to sandwiches, every little counts – don't just eat bland veggies with no spices, over boiled or undercooked – no one can blame you if you don't enjoy that. Give them some TLC! – salad – a simple side salad with dishes like pasta is great to add some freshness. Salads can even just be diced cucumber & tomato, no lettuce or leafs needed if you don't like them – fresh & in season always wins, if you can afford it try the more expensive versions of veg. Where I am, regular tomato tastes like water but the nicer cherry tomatoes are to die for – Bruschetta, Parmigiana, even veggie pizza are some great dishes to up your veg intake

Fruit ? – smoothies, porridge, fruit salads, or even desserts are a great way to incorporate fruit. Ice cream with fresh berries, whipped cream with strawberries.. so good – fresh and in season is always best and makes a big difference! – frozen is absolutely fine from a nutritional standpoint so if that's what you can easily get, go for it (tends to be better In smoothies or porridge due to texture) – dried fruit is amazing! Dried mango tastes like candy. Eat with moderation since a serving of dried fruit is much smaller than fresh

I don't advocate for restriction or cutting out, but try cutting out added sugar for a few days only, and then eat some fruit. The sweetness and flavour becomes really apparent and there's a whole new appreciation!

A good way to try new fruits is to pick up some fruit salad or mixed fruit trays from the supermarket. My recent discovery has been limelon and oh god it's delicious (melon crossed over with a lime flavour). I don't like regular melon but I loved this. You never know until you try!

Anyone else have any fruit & veg tips? People who claim not to like veg and fruit, have you genuinely tried a lot of different options? Let's discuss ?‍♀️

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